The 5 Most Unusual Places I’ve Done It

We’ve all done it before. You hear a noise, you take a little look, and before you know it, you’re doing it. You wanted to do it, in fact, you’ve wanted to do it for ages, but you weren’t able to.

Now you can do it, and you don’t want to stop.

I am of course referring to taking business calls when out of the office, which used to be difficult to master efficiently. First, it typically meant that you had to give your mobile telephone number to someone, or even everyone. That way if you’re out of the office you won’t miss the call. However, this is isn’t an ideal option as it means everyone has your mobile number. Also from a management perspective, you don’t necessarily want your team giving out their mobile numbers to clients and suppliers. So then you end up providing a company mobile phone to people who are only out of the office on occasion, but they don’t like having two phones, so they never use it, and so the whole concept falls apart.

So the second option was to forward your office phone to your mobile phone. That way colleagues and clients could ring your extension number or direct line and automatically forward to your mobile. But then what if you are already on your mobile, or you lose signal, and it goes to your voicemail. What does your personal voicemail sound like? How do you share that voicemail with colleagues?

These problems are of course related to taking calls, but what about making them?

Do I hide my number, so the person I want to call doesn’t get my mobile number and misuse it? Also, the call won’t be recorded so that might be an issue if I want to refer to it later maybe?

I’ve suffered all this myself in the past, but not anymore. I have my beloved 3CX app now which puts me in control of all my telephone calls, both inbound and outbound. Here are the 5 Most Unusual Places I’ve Done This:

1.) Internal Calls On The Plane – I don’t fly very often but when I do it seems to be at a time when business is hectic, and I need to stay in touch. So after a recent flight, I was sat on the plane waiting to get off, and they announced there was going to be a 10-minute wait for the magical staircase (my daughters name for it not the airline industry) to arrive. So I took this time to get my phone out and log onto to my 3CX app to make a few calls with colleagues to catch up. I was able to speak with two people quickly with a single click and sent a third a message asking him to ring me when he finished on the phone, which I could see as he was yellow on my app. Time waster avoided, productivity maximised. Happy Days.

2.) Video Call On The Tube – I do love the Northern Line on the London Underground, but sometimes I seem to be sat waiting for ages to get into the city. Luckily the recent addition of WiFi on the platforms has been great, and I was recently able to fire up a quick four-person video call while waiting for the tube to arrive. It was only a 5-minute call, and everyone was internal, but it was a highly productive call and allowed us all to add visual input to something to make a decision. And it was a much better use of time than playing Jungle Run 2 (I do love that game though!)

3.) Forwarding From The Car Park – While waiting for an urgent call from a potential partner I heard the screaming tones of our fire alarm. As it wasn’t a scheduled test day, I knew that we would be evacuating. On the way out I grabbed my coat and phone and got to the meeting point in the car park. Once there I was able to load up my 3CX app and forward my extension to our other office in London, I then sent an instant message to everyone in the London office to explain we were temporarily evacuated and to make sure all our calls got answered. Luckily there was no fire, but we did miss eight calls in the Leeds office during that period, all of which I’m happy to say were answered and handled by the team in London.

4.) Conference Call In The Swimming Pool – This sounds a bit pretentious but wasn’t. When I was on holiday recently, my wife passed me my phone as it was ringing, as she thought it was just going to be my Mum or a friend (probably my Mum). It turns out it was my 3CX app ringing and it was a colleague from our London office who I don’t get to hear from very often. Intrigued I took the call, and I’m glad I did as it turns out we were in the closing stages of a great solution we were pitching to an ideal client. He needed a quick answer from me on a technical point, but the problem was I didn’t know the answer! Not to worry, I clicked a few buttons on my app and was able to conference in a colleague and a supplier, and we had a 10-minute call to clarify. All done in my Speedo’s, which are mandatory in French swimming pools by the way and not a choice I would make personally.

5.) Instant Messaging on the Loo – Don’t judge me we’ve all done it. Why not make good use of some ‘downtime’ for a few minutes and stay in touch with a colleague or two? Alright I know it’s wrong but I always make sure I give my hands a good clean so don’t be too harsh in your opinion of me! I can’t even blame anyone else for this, as it is our collaboration tools that I am using to communicate. I must confess though I am in love with it, the 3CX app I mean, not sitting on the loo.

So now I don’t have to give my mobile number to anyone. Indeed I don’t on my email signature or even my business card. Everyone has my DDi (direct line), and my 3CX app pops up when someone calls me, or not if I’ve enabled DND (Do Not Disturb) or my ‘Away’ status is active. I’m in total control, even when mobile, and I get call recording, cheap international calls, voicemail and more all through my app. The 3CX app is included as part of all our packages, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to try it for yourself.

As always, thanks for reading.

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